Ethos - the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations.



The Shakti Shala, meaning house of true empowerment, exists as a high vibration space in the downtown core of Aspen.   We are Aspen's premier yoga & meditation studio with both in-studio and mountain top offerings. 

We aim to attract, inspire, support and invite everyone, visitors and locals alike, to step more deeply into themselves - into their power, their grace, their humility,  their radiance, their compassion and their unconditional love and connectedness with the self, one another, and the planet.  

This summer, we are here to tell a story of determination and celebration of many individual geniuses coming together to form an institution that is far greater than the sum of its parts.  We are a model for community change, an icon of conscious business and a leader in offering, creating and defining the quintessential Aspen experience.  We believe that embodiment and meditation are two essential components of the modern and unprecedented vacation and/or life experience, and we are here to make these offerings accessible, fun and potent additions to your Aspen experience.  

We offer classes taught by highly sought after and expert professionals in their fields from a wide variety of traditions in of yoga, meditation, dance, fitness and consciousness expansion.

As a Shakti community we honor and seek to teach about the full the spectrum of human experiences, emotions and lessons and we provide a place where each of us is welcome no matter what part of the journey we are on.   

We wholeheartedly invite you to come be a part of this community, even if just for an hour . . or less.  We are certain you will receive inspiration and/or support a plenty, as well as feel there is a place to leave behind your unique energy so that others may benefit from your presence.  The practices here are intended to be shared far beyond the self and in fact we ask that whatever gems or releases or insights you find here, or anywhere in Aspen, or anywhere on your path, that you share these essences with your family, friends, communities or even strangers.  We imagine that through the open sharing of these moments, we can all contribute intentionally and consciously to the connectedness and betterment of this world.