One of the most powerful parts of the Shala and perhaps the most important thing that sets us apart is the careful construction of our Shakti culture, story, and the characters that tell our story.  Jayne works very intentionally and purposefully with each teacher to craft a vision statement, a specific voice, a teacher/leader archetype, class description and title so that what is offered on our schedule is true, accurate, and is a tribute to the amazing yogis and artists who make this place what it is.   


Jayne Gottlieb, Owner & Teacher:  

I am at my core a visionary and a steadfast believer that absolutely anything is possible for all beings.  I use my light and trust in magic to reflect back beauty, soulfulness and infinite potential that is within is all.  I share the transformative and beautiful traditions of yoga and body wisdom to guide others to embody this truth, and in doing so ignite individuals and communities to be more, to have more, and to create more than any of us knew possible. 

Jess Ewart, Director & Teacher:

I am an eternal scholar of philosophy and I know that my life's mission is to share what I've learned with all who seek a way out of suffering and toward radical freedom. It is an immeasurable joy to decode the revolutionary, ancient teachings of yoga sages and transmit them in a way that is accessible and relevant to modern living. With reverence, humor, and hope, I aspire to aid in creating a world where my daughter, her peers, and future generations can know peace, equanimity, and contentment.


Courtney Smith, Teacher:  

Through my zeal for exploration and the human connection, I seek out experiences and wisdom to share with others, and in that sharing I create communities that radiate happiness.  

Sea Marie, Outreach Coordinator & Teacher:

Through kindness, dedication to growth, and drive to connect with others, I share my deep appreciation of nature with those I meet and teach, and so inspire others to receive and integrate the gifts of each day into the every moment psyche.   I hold space and presence for others to live and love to their full potential, ground into their true self, and connect with all living beings.


Nicole Lindstrom, Aspen Radiance Coordinator & Teacher:

Through my belief in the interconnection of all things, yoga is my anecdote to all of life's ailments. By linking breath with movement, I focus on conscious alignment, creating equilibrium in the body, stillness in the mind, and awareness of spirit. The cultivation of all three allows us to embrace the dark and invite the light, so that we may lead our lives in truth and balance. 

Harriet Spalding, Teacher:

Authenticity : Is what I try to bring into my class. Being able to move and breathe and to inspire each student to walk out of the Shala with their inner-self shining a little brighter - that is my hope.  Of course, the physical practice needs to be safe and fun while at the same time I offer an open hearted and solid base to my sequencing! I hope to Allow each individual to find the right pace/breath and asana to fit their body for that moment - pushing the boundaries of ones own expectations to allow all possibilities to open.


Gina Murdock, Founder of Aspen Yoga Society & Teacher:

My intention in my life and as a teacher is to do the work that I need to do to clear this vessel, this channel, so I can more fully surrender to the divine intelligence of the Universe that moves through all of us. This is truly humbling and the reason that I teach and live. Life is about learning and evolving; I use yoga as a tool for transformation as a teacher and a student in every moment. It is with a true sense of reverence that I pass on teachings that have helped to liberate me both physically and emotionally. It is a calling, deep in my heart, to serve in this capacity.

Bhakti Styler, In-House DJ & Teacher: 

I share a practice that reflects love; love for oneself, love for others, love of life itself, and love of YOGA.  And when you really love something, you want to share it with the World.  


Heather Morrow, Teacher:

My core purpose is to ignite others into their own genius, so as to be in community with themselves, each other, and this world.  I invite you to connect intimately and compassionately to yourself, to be in the present moment, ever more ready to rest, for work and celebration.

Becky Anderson, studio Manager & Teacher:

My primary aim in teaching is to pass on what has been offered to me. I teach yoga to calm the mind, free the spirit, and bring peace to the body. My classes are crafted around the physical practice, but the heart of my teaching emphasizes meditation and ethics as described in traditional yogic texts.


Arin Trook, Teacher:

Yoga, in my class, is a holistic experience, reaching back to the ancient roots of yoga and calling on the playfulness and power of the monkey-god Hanuman. Music, movement, alignment, mantra, breath, body--this is WildYoga, a bhakti-shakti-bhoga mountain groove yoga for the coming (r)Evolution.

Kerrie Martin, Teacher: 

I am a seeker and deeply inspired by the potential that exists within each one of us to open up to continued evolution and expansion. Through regular practice (both on and off our mats) we have the opportunity to dissolve old patterns and invite in new ways of being that can serve our highest aspirations. I honor the transformative power of yoga asana, breath, and meditation and believe that as we give ourselves permission to pause and turn inward that we can access our deepest reservoir of strength to help us navigate the tides of our lives.


Himat Singh, Teacher:  

I am a Kundalini Yogi, living and teaching this sacred tradition, honoring the integrity of this ancient lineage that has been passed down to me. My responsibility is to teach Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan is its undiluted, pure form, just as he taught us, so every student in my class can access the “golden chain”. The 'golden chain' is a tangible link to the wisdom of the previous masters, sages, and saints that developed this lineage of light over the past five thousand plus years. 
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Craig Black is in his fifth season with Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. The California native was captain of his San Jose high school’s nationally ranked dance team. Craig received his BFA from The Juilliard School, where he was awarded the 2010 Princess Grace Award in Dance. He won the 2011 Lorna Strassler Award for Student Excellence at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. Craig’s summer programs were at Springboard Danse Montreal, Nederlands Dans Theater, and the Pillow.





Arielle VanderSchuiT, TEACHER:

Arielle VanderSchuit is an ISSA CPT, Boxing and Self-Defense Instructor, MMA Conditioning Specialist and Natural Movement Trainer. Inspired by her 13 years in the sport of boxing, Arielle uses this fighting art as an exciting and empowering way to workout your mind as much as your body. Boxing encourages assertiveness, resilience, and effectively reduces stress. Her other passions are MMA, Jiujitsu, and primal movement. She believes these movements make us more capable and adaptable human beings.

Dirk Schultz, TEACHER:

Dirk combines the world of fitness with mindful movement. He focuses on high intensity training with intention by teaching participants strategies they can use to work within while working out.  Dirk designs and implements programs to unblock and overcome obstacles to help people live their full potential in both their personal and professional lives. Dirk is a Program Director; Life, Wellness and Corporate Coach; certified through the Coaches Training Institute and Quantum Success Coaching Academy. Personal Trainer, Certified through esteemed National Academy of Sports Medicine and American College of Sports Medicine, working as a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Wellness and Life Coach and Lulu Lemon Ambassador in Aspen. Dirk offers some of the highest levels of specialty training in the industry. He enjoys working with the entire range of interests and capabilities from someone new to fitness to the weekend warrior to the competitive athlete, and Dirk has a keen interest in serving clients who are getting back into the game of life after an injury.

Dirk is a well-known local athlete and can be found taking advantage of the many activities the mountains have to offer.  He has a loyal and extensive following in the local community.



Education: University of Montana- B.A. In Marketing and Communication Studies
Certifications: NASM certified Personal Trainer and Hi2T Instructor
Specialities: High Intensity Interval Training, TRX, Plyometrics, Rip Core, Strength and Power Conditioning
Personal Interests: Skiing, Ski Mo Racing, Mtn. Biking, Trail Running, and long walks on Da Beach

chloe conger, teacher:

I seek, through grounded space-holding, loving guidance, and sharing the dharma (teachings), not to fix or change or improve or educate anyone, but to support others in having a direct experience of their own wisdom, peace, and already wholeness- in short, to remember who they really are.


courtney brown, teacher:

Courtney is full of energy and is always looking for new ways to channel it. With a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, finding a creative approach to sweat and move has never been a problem! Having a master’s degree in education has helped Courtney as a classroom teacher as well as teaching kids yoga for over a decade. She is certified in Kids Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, and Cardio Pilates.

Alexa Webster, teacher:

Devoted to Sri (Resplendence, Beauty, Auspiciousness). I work for Her. The paths I traverse are inlaid with jewels and my mission is to playfully weave the ever-present world of Spirit into my own humanity and, share my discoveries. In doing so, it is my hope to ignite & fortify flames of Remembrance, water seeds of Truth and serve the greatness that is, existence.  I teach yoga and meditation.  I also create sacred jewelry.  Check out my line, Seeds of Remembrance in the studio boutique!


Richard Bird, Teacher:

Richard Bird is a Forrest Yoga Teacher, Energy Worker and Healing Facilitator of Mind, Body and Soul. His intention is to provide guidance and assistance to individuals who desire to accept responsibility for their own health, wellness and balance. Richard began his study and practice of Yoga, Meditation and Light Energy Healing in 1987 at the age of 26. Now, at 54 he has been practicing for more than half of his life. He has studied and taught classical styles of Hatha Yoga including Iyengar, Ashtanga and for the past 17 years the cutting edge system of Forrest Yoga. After sustaining knee injuries from spending too much time in meditation and pushing himself through classical practices he returned to one of his original teachers, Ana Forrest, and trained in her healing style of Forrest Yoga. During the second day of teacher training his knees were healed and once again stable and strong. Richard completed the Forrest Yoga Foundation teacher training in 1999 and the Advanced Teacher Training in 2002. He has attended various Forrest Yoga intensive and workshops throughout the years with Ana Forrest and her Guardian Teachers. He is a certified teacher of A Course In Light and the Co-Author of The LiteBodies Process: Becoming Your "Perfect Weight and Body Balance" Most importantly his years of study and practice have given him compassion, physical health, strength, flexibility, balance, inner peace and understanding. He loves guiding individuals on their journey through discovery and healing . . . regardless of their ability or experience.


PJ Murray, teacher:


Jamie Butemeyer, Teacher:

Jamie is a vibrant and soulful yoga teacher and student who found the practice during college in a competitive musical theatre degree program. Jamie is a singer, dancer, and yogini who truly believes that infusing ease, intention, and gratitude into our practice cultivates more of those qualities off of our mats and into our lives.

Jamie's class ranges from a devotional, spiritual experience to a joyful and playful class that moves energy through creative sequencing and a deep focus on the breath. She aims to challenge her students to let the practice move them physically and spiritually so we can all heal a little more every day.

Jamie's most recent curiosities about the transformative power that the practice has had on her life has led her to studying with Ashley Turner in her Advanced Yoga Psychology Teacher Training.