with Jayne Gottlieb at the Shakti Shala

Aspen, CO.  Sky-High rents. Wild amounts of passion and distraction. And a constant GIANT tug of war between work and play and adventure.

Aspen the town, the Aspen Entrepreneurs and Investors Network (of which Jayne & Jess are founding members), and specifically the Aspen Shakti Shala are taking a strong stand to demonstrate and model the modern truth that the most creative and sustainable entrepreneurs all place significant value on their wellness regimen and the profound wisdom of the mind, body, spirit connection.   

The Shakti Shala exists to attract, inspire, support and invite everyone, visitors and locals alike, to step more deeply into themselves - into their power, their grace, their humility,  their radiance, their compassion and their unconditional love and connectedness with the self, one another, and the planet.  

  We are a model for community change, an icon of conscious business and a leader in offering, creating, and defining the quintessential Aspen experience.  We believe that entrepreneurship is a capacity we all have, should we want it, and that active embodiment and meditation are two essential components of the modern and unprecedented entrepreneur.