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Allison Alexander
Allison Alexander


$300 one session | $750 3 Sessions Series


  • Corporate Teams  
  • Couples & Friend Groups 
  • Retreats 

$650 up to 10ppl |  $55 pp up to 25ppl

Allison believes that curiosity is a superpower that lives within all of us. She has spent over 25 years exploring human development, spirituality, and emotional intelligence. She has been called a “Heartwork Alchemist,” known for her natural empathy and mastery in holding deeply compassionate space for people. 20 years ago, she discovered the power of breath during Pilates teacher training. She found that breath could be used to alter experiences and sensations within the body and was forever changed, ultimately leading her to become a renowned breathwork facilitator.

Her expertise lies in supporting others in moving through trauma and anxiety to find more peace and a deeper connection to their true nature. She is passionate about supporting others on their journeys to connect their mind, body and spirit using a variety of modalities including breathwork, journaling, intuitive coaching, meditation, tarot, and Human Design.

Allison is also active in the vibrant nonprofit and education communities in Aspen.

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