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Craniosacral & Ritual Tea

Madelyn Sullivan
Madelyn Sullivan

Craniosacral Single Session $300 | $750 for 3 Session Series   60 min 

Ritual Tea Ceremonies   90min 

$850 for the  6 and 55 additional up to 12ppl

Biodynamic Craniosacral Sessions 

For those seeking a safe and sacred container for transformation and healing. As a ceremonialist with an extensive understanding of the nervous system, Madelyn combines biodynamic craniosacral body work with embodiment practices to guide people deeper into themselves in grounded and real ways. Craniosacral is a subtle and potent touch therapy that realigns you with your inner wisdom and health that is always here. Whether seeking support with a particular challenge, a deeper relationship to self, or healing from trauma, Madelyn is here to support your journey of discovery, growth and healing.

Ritual Tea Ceremony 

Enjoy a private hour long Cha Dao tea ceremony with Madelyn, a ceremonialist and embodiment guide. Cha Dao--the way of tea-- is an ancient path to mind, body, and soul awakening that is deeply embodying. The ceremony begins with a gentle guided meditation to bring all of the senses alive and arrive in full presence. From here we share 3-5 rounds of tea in meditative silence. We finish with an integrative and cleansing round of hot water and open the space for sharing and mindful conversation. Each tea ceremony invokes the element of the current season, inviting connection to the natural world beyond ourselves.  Tea ceremony can be held at Shakti studio, at a private residence or outdoor location. Enjoy the exploration of all that bowl of tea holds. This offering is a wonderful addition to wedding parties and events that wish to create a shared experience with intention and deeper meaning.

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