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Sally & Zach Maxwell
Sally & Zach Maxwell


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Our first kiss was when we were 18. Now, 2 decades later, we’ve successfully navigated many common relationship milestones together: being teenagers, being friends, witnessing one anothers questionable college choices (dreadlocks for Zach, and partying for Sally), breaking up, dating other people, falling in love, getting a dog, moving in together, dealing with our family’s disapproval, grieving deaths and sick family members, getting married, moving across the country, buying 2 houses, having babies. And we continue on together. We teach everyone the tools to create a relationship that grows better and better over time. This is why we are called to work with our clients. Imagine the world we would create not only for ourselves, but for our children and community. With nearly a combined 30 years of experience coaching individuals and couples, we synthesize the tools that we have learned, to create a customized experience based on our clients needs.

Max-Well Coaching

You want and expect more from your intimate relationships than ever before, and you deserve more from them than ever before.  Why then, is it so common for couples to struggle with the pressures and expectations of modern love? 

Did you know that you can fall more in love with your partner over time?  Did you know it is possible to be more attracted to your partner as time goes on?  With the right tools and communication methods, your relationship can get better, sexier, and more profound the longer and longer you are together. 

We are living proof, and we will teach you how.

In relationship coaching, you and your partner will learn the fundamental tools necessary to create the thriving relationship of your dreams.  We will teach you to successfully wear the many hats that are required of us in modern love: Husband/Wife, Passionate Lovers, Mommy/Daddy, Career Man/Career Woman, Best Friends, Roommates, Financial partners etc.

The process starts with each of you individually: We will help you identify your goals, and what is standing in the way.  Then, we will come together with you and your partner to identify and evolve the dynamics of your relationship and improve the areas that aren’t working.  You’ll learn tools that actually work.  You’ll learn to speak the same language, learn to work as a team, and get to live inside of a relationship that is better than you could possibly imagine. 

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