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Crystal Sound Bowls | Theta Healing

Danielle Klein
Danielle Klein

60min sessions held 



$650 up to 6ppl | $55pp additional up to 25ppl

Danielle is a Sound Alchemist, ThetaHealing Practitioner, Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork and Fitness Instructor, Intuitive, Empath and Energy Reader, Online Educator and Spiritual Advisor. She weaves together the energetic systems of kundalini awakening, chakras, mindset, energy work and shadow work to connect you back to your most authentic and unapologetic self. Danielle's mission is to help you embody the brilliant, beautiful, limitless soul that you truly are so you can live a deeply empowered and fulfilling life. Completed training through YogaWorks, Zuna Yoga, ThetaHealing® and Rod Stryker/ParaYoga®. Be sure to follow her on Instagram for a dose of positive, inspirational energy: @SpiritualBizCoach.



Danielle offers ThetaHealing sessions to help you break through blocks and barriers that you may have had for years or even decades. ThetaHealing is a coaching and energy session that helps to reprogram your subconscious for healing the mind and body.  

Sessions can be used for releasing energetic trauma, healing inner child wounds, removing self-sabotaging patterns and much more. Sessions may include energy readings, downloading new feelings and thought patterns, repairing your system, DNA Activations, healing of ancestral and past life programming. 

Danielle will help you identify your root blocks and witness healings on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Crystal Sound Bath 



The sound waves of the crystal singing bowls can help to release trapped emotions, quiet an overactive mind, melt away stress and overwhelm, promote peace and calm, recalibrate your energy centers (chakras) and activate your parasympathetic nervous system for rest and relaxation.

Unplug from your busy day and fully surrender into the restorative vibrations of the sound bowls.

It is like a deep tissue massage for your energetic system.

How to Prepare:  

You want to be as comfortable as possible when laying down to receive the full benefits of this practice.  Lay down on a yoga mat, have a pillow for your head, a blanket or pillow for underneath your knees, a small blanket to stay warm, an eye mask to cover your eyes, or anything else that brings you comfort while laying down. Wear comfortable clothes to relax in. Comfort is key.

Even if you attend with no props, it will be a magical experience.

Session = 60 minutes.

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