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Jamie Butemeyer
Jamie Butemeyer


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ABOUT JAMIE: Jamie has been working in the professional wellness + personal development space for the past 10 years by guiding people into their highest potential as a yoga + fitness instructor and transformational coach (Institute for Coaching Mastery). After a lifetime of pursuing a career in the performing arts, Jamie struggled for years with low self worth + confidence issues that led to depression and mental health challenges, which then ultimately led her to pursuing a life she could be more passionate about creating + living. Her superpower is being able to blend a little ‘woo’ with the real and hold unconditionally loving space for her 1:1 clients which allows them to access their own inner guidance + intuition. Jamie is also known for her gentle yet no nonsense approach to calling her clients forward to stepping into the life they long to be an active participant in. For the past four years, Jamie has been fiercely devoting her time, energy, and life force to her own development and healing journey, studying under Master Coach Alyssa Nobriga, Authentic Living (Aspen), + the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Jamie has been an integral part of Aspen Shakti since 2016 and is beginning to develop The School of Embodiment under The Body Practice with Jayne Gottlieb.

Using a blend of emotional, mental, and somatic mastery tools, Jamie will help you uncover
your inner wisdom and get to the heart of what is holding you back from stepping fully into the
incredible life you desire to create and live.

A 1:1 session with Jamie would benefit anyone who is:

  • Ready to get unstuck and move into their next level of mastery personally +/or
  • Desiring to move beyond limiting beliefs, relationship issues, career confusion, and
    feelings and behaviors rooted in low self-worth.
  • Yearning for more aligned success, health, fulfillment and impact.

Sessions are 60-75 minutes in length and require pre-work to submit upon connecting. You will
leave with more awareness + acceptance of where you are at along with an aligned action plan
to ground you.

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