03.23 - 03.26


DEEPEN YOUR INNATE CONNECTION TO THE SHAKTI INSIDE YOU WITH A FOCUS ON A HIGH PRANIC LOW GLUCOSE DIET and inquiry as to what we digest physically, emotionally and spiritually and what is actually aligned with our optimal systems, visions and goals.


It’s science - what we put in and/or ingest, directly gives us the fuel to perform, live and thrive.

 This retreat will take participants on a deep dive into the reality of their internal world, and help to inspire natural healthy shifts so that from a science perspective you will gain the tools and insights necessary to express and live with SHAKTI!!

You can expect cooking demonstrations and healthy meal prep, sisterhood, powerful embodied practice and a total mind, body, spirit reboot.

Shakti is the essence of vibrant health, feeling good in your own skin, and feeling that your life has meaning, value and joy.

This multi-day retreat experience is devoted to increasing Shakti in every aspect of life for those who choose to join.

This retreat will highlight ALIVE PRACTICE and ALIVE FOODS w/daily food demonstrations/classes and lectures led by chef Tadd Frye to help teach us how to integrate a high pranic diet easily into our daily lives.

Join Jayne + the Shakti team for a SHAKTIFIED retreat in Aspen, Colorado.


3500 per person (2800 w/out accommodations)


  • Organic chef prepared ‘Shakti diet/meals’ w/ specifically designed nutritarian menu of high pranic foods 
  • All meals will be curated to be gluten-free, dairy-free, refined-sugar free and sourced locally.
  • Twice daily movement classes (yoga, dance, meditation)
  • Sound Baths
  • Guided Rituals
  • Time outdoors + connected in nature
  • Fire + Water Ceremony
  • A specially curated Welcome Gift
  • A 30 day subscription to The Body Practice Digital Studio

The point of all of our work is authentic embodiment and conscious transmission of our energy … which is a life-long practice and all for the sake of having the experience of being more present, connected to self and others and in awe of having and feeling our humanity fully.

In retreat we can teach and model more deeply how to use the wisdom & easeful (or not so easeful) motion of the body as a superpower to get through life present for it ALL.

We integrate our accessible definition/understanding of Tantric practices as tools to a whole other level of living and a in turn leg up in the world that is more authentic, more sexy, more magnetizing and more alive …  and ultimately we can all become ‘walking shakti’. 

"Thank you for Inviting me to Shakti Yoga. I really didn’t know what to expect but at the least a great work out…to my surprise it was way more than that! Everyone I met just walking through the door. Y’all were so inviting and seemed familiar as if I’ve already known them. I felt very connected and loved it was an experience to say the least. I had so many emotions in this class from feeling accepted, powerful, connected, beautiful and vulnerable all in one class. I really really needed this! I’m telling you, this was like therapy and not just another yoga work-out and so much that i went for round 2 the next day after being so sore- haha! By the way I never knew I could dance sober, Jayne and Lisa are such a beautiful force!!! I love love loved dancing with you all! THANK YOU for inviting me. My soul needed this experience. I love you - namaste"

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Please note, we are not able to make exceptions with our policy, nor are we able to credit your registration towards a future retreat or any of Aspen Shakti's online offerings.

We request a $2000 initial payment for retreats and $2500 initial payment for our teacher training to reserve your spot.  

>> If you need to cancel more than 30 days before the start of the retreat, there will be a $500 processing fee, and the remaining balance will be refunded to your card.

>> If you need to cancel 15-30 days before the start of the retreat, you will receive a 50% refund of the total cost of your spot.  

>> If you need to cancel 0-14 days before the start of the retreat, you will receive no refunds.

Please email if you have any questions.