Our thoughts determine our reality.

When we become aware of our thoughts and begin to understand the inner workings of our minds we can enlist the mind to support our souls greatest desires and dreams ... we offer tools to help open the mind to new thoughts which allow our entire realities to heal, expand and COME ALIVE!

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Our bodies are temples.

How we care for them, honor them, move them, release tension and feel energy move through them is of the utmost importance for living a healthy, active, happy and present life, no matter what state the body is in. Come practice with us and feel for yourself the power and freedom that comes with feeling good in your body . . .

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Our spirit is eternal, alive and radiant.

Maintaining a connection with our radiant spirit is exactly the key that will always guide us towards our highest life. Through our alchemy spa and we work with a magnificent host of guides to help light the path and set momentum rolling in the direction of love, success, joy, connection and unwavering trust and confidence.

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We are dedicated to helping all beings everywhere know and experience what it is to live fully alive!

We believe fully alive living is a state of being in which our bodies, minds and spirits are so awake we become radically present, wildly free + engaged participants, creators + observers in all the scenes of our lives.


In-BODY-ment: When a person’s body, words, thoughts, and actions align and reflect the TRUTH of who they are, consciously, artfully and beautifully – therefore the outer you looks, feels and is lighter, freer and more FULLY ALIVE!
This is a system of classes created by Aspen Shakti founder Jayne Gottlieb that follows the Hero’s Journey and weaves together an expansive and transformational experience for the mind, body and spirit.  Classes feel very much like a familiar yoga or fitness class with all the favorite benefits and challenges and triumphs  . . AND you will be pushed and held throughout the overall experience at a very high level.

The method engages users continually through a balanced class system to help participants achieve long-term, injury-free mental, physical and spiritual results such as increased energy and an overall sense of aliveness, joy, and liberation. Specifically, in every class, students will experience music, movement, breath and presence.

Within the many styles of classes, you will feel your body turn on, or you will experience grace and momentum as you build heat and practice ‘flow state’, you might strengthen core and inner power, release bound emotion and the tension that exists in our bodies as a by product of our daily lives, relax, calm, balance and restore the nervous system and refocus the mind in meditation.

Our method is a descendant practice, it is not about transcending the human experience, it is about connecting to the whole self and truly landing in, feeling, being in your body, on planet Earth and experiencing the best of life in this short lifetime. Jayne refers to herself as ‘an embodiment artist’ . . through these classes she guides you to make art with your body, your life, with your story, and with your many hero’s journeys along the way.


Over time this practice reprograms the mind, ignites the creative and free spirit in us all, uncovers the intuitive soul and enlivens the ecstatic body.

the BODYopen

a yoga and breath-based class intended to wake up the body and introduce students to moving energy, building strength, breathing deeply and powerfully, and remembering what it is to feel connected.  This class is our preferred place to introduce students to THE BODY PRACTICE and is intended to nourish all levels of practitioners but is designed for beginners or students returning to their mats after a long time. Students move slowly and synchronize to the beat of the music in order to elevate the practitioner's body self awareness and alignment. This practice gives students the foundation needed to feel successful in any of The Body Practice classes while still physically challenging participants through longer holds of poses, intentional transitions, and simple, artful flows.

the BODYflow

This class has roots in vinyasa yoga, featuring dynamic movement, long holds, core strengthening, and graceful transitions from pose to pose.  This class is for students who have experience with yoga or other embodiment practices and are desiring a physical challenge while moving in sync with their breath. Students will experience familiar yoga postures and sequences and be guided to flow through them as well as to hold, breathe and experience the energy in the postures. Expect to be physically challenged in this dynamic class while working to soften, relax and surrender to the movement and the discovery of what happens when you participate fully, all in! Students will leave this class lighter and more in-body than when they walked in the door.

the BODYsculpt

is a high-strengthening yoga and HIIT based full-body workout with roots in vinyasa yoga, plyometrics, HIIT, pilates, personal training, kick-boxing and resistance training.  Combining music and physical movement to strengthen, challenge, and fatigue the muscles, this class guides students through fitness sequences and encourages them to flow through the activity as well as to use deep breathing to help hold and sustain long repetition. This class is dynamic and students can expect to be physically and mentally challenged while having fun. We encourage you to TRUST, explore and get beyond your comfort zone!

the BODYalive

is the ultimate embodiment practice: a high-energy combination of yoga, dance, pilates, cardio, isolated muscle strengthening and sexiness while being in the vibe of a nightclub.  With roots in African dance, cardio street dance, hip hop, capoeira, Bollywood, Tahitian and modern dance, this class is easy to follow, structured, yet totally accessible for EVERYONE and is guaranteed to evoke a sense of inspiration, aliveness and ecstatic liberation in every cell and ever soul.  

Instructors use movement to guide students to use their breath and the music to find a rhythm of repetition that will tone the body and bring energy to places that often store emotional toxins and are apt for disease. Students will experience an overall release of heaviness, a rise in their frequency, and achieve the result of being visibly alive and at home in their radiant body. This practice is powerful, enlivening, intoxicating, addicting, liberating, graceful and it is for EVERYONE!

the BODYstrong

A strength building power and vinyasa based full body workout at its core. This class is for anyone looking to get after it in a big way, and build heat, muscle tone and strength, power in their practice. Expect the instructor to use rap, hip-hop and rock music synched together with physical movement to strengthen, challenge, and wake up the full body. You will leave this class stronger and more in your body than when you walked in the door. You will experience familiar power yoga sequences as well as opportunity to play and get upside-down and explore arm balances. This class is dynamic and you can expect to be physically and mentally challenged while having fun. We encourage you to TRUST yourself and your strength and explore your willingness to get out of your comfort zone and see what happens.

the BODYaligned

An alignment and structure based yoga class intended to help students build a strong, safe and clear foundation that can be applied in all aspects of practice, on and off the mat. Students can expect to work hard, focus and build strength and stamina while connecting deeply to the breath. breathing deeply and powerfully, and remembering what it is to feel connected.  This class is a fantastic place to return to again and again for all levels of practitioner.  This practice gives students the foundation needed to feel successful in any of The Body Practice classes while still physically challenging participants through longer holds of poses, intentional transitions, and intelligent flows.

the BODYrestored

 is a gentle, luxurious and restorative practice designed to open the body and the breath, featuring deep stretching and relaxation.

Students will move to their breath to gently warm the body which sets the stage for deep stretching, elongation, and a release of tension or stiffness. This flavor of THE BODY PRACTICE™ is intended to balance out the stronger, more intense practices and parts of life, leaving participants with a sense of harmony, ease and relaxation all throughout the body and nervous system. Students can expect a breath practice, a brief and gentle physical practice, and time for deep stretching and relaxation.

the BODYstill

 is a meditation-based physical and still experience, designed to prepare the body to sit comfortably in silence, available to the inner wisdom we can hear only when the mind softens and quiets.

These meditations are intended to balance out the intensity and fire that is ignited in much of THE BODY PRACTICE™ collection. Students can expect a breath practice, a very brief physical practice, mantra and time for stillness.

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