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Kelly Evans
Kelly Evans

One Hour Session $225 | 3 Sessions $600

Tarot + Spiritual Advisor Kelly is an intuitive, empath and mentor. She helps you navigate the energies in your life that are supporting you and/or challenging you using the Tarot as a guidance tool for clarity and important messages. Her sessions work in the arenas of relationships, purpose, career, and significant life events. Kelly guides you to find clarity in these areas. My intention is to help each person manifest abundance in life. Kelly Offers Virtual Sessions via Zoom

Every area of life benefits from energy optimization.

Our lives swing between moments of feeling good, being inspired and successful to feeling blocked, stuck, or in fear. We all have the ability to harness the energy within us and around us to begin aligning the life we have with the life we want.

Allow me to bring you the clarity to ignite your potential

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