an IN-BODYment platform for fully alive living


Designed to mimic ‘The Hero’s Journey

The Shakti Method™ will take you on a circular voyage of embodiment as a path to living joyfully, fully alive + liberated.

This dynamic + holistic method is continually engaging through a balanced class system to help you achieve long-term, injury-free fitness results.


Designed to be circular with no finish line, so that students may meet themselves over and over again at every phase + moment of life

THE SHAKTI METHOD™ taps into the power of the physical body to move stagnant energy and to evoke the practitioner’s best life.

Jayne Gottlieb, Aspen Shakti founder, created the method to operate as a system, both within every individual class as well as within the studio curriculum as a whole. The method is designed to function like any transformational journey, which means that everytime you engage with our online platform and/or community, you have the opportunity to walk away with a complete body, mind and spirit reset.

If you show up, the practice works and you will find that you become more equipped for fully alive living that honors EVERY experience as fuel for growth, clarity, love and presence. This work is for anyone and everyone who seeks to live their best life!


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Our classes are
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Using several different BODY class styles, students experience a whole-body workout that moves, strengthens, tones + activates the body, mind and spirit while increasing energy and overall sense of aliveness.


Body alive / dance + release

Aspen Shakti's Signature Class!  A liberating and enlivening dance inspired class at its core. This practice is the signature, heart and soul of Aspen Shakti and the ultimate embodiment tool for tapping into what is alive, luminous, and desirable inside . . . which is itself the definition of having SHAKTI. With roots in yoga, african dance, cardio, hip hop, capoeira, street dance and isolated muscle strengthening, students will experience a release of heaviness, a rise in their vibration and achieve the result of being visibly ALIVE and at home in their radiant body. This class specifically activates the second chakra, our center of creativity, creation, art, sexuality, aliveness and pleasure - we specifically work to open and wake up this energy to move it throughout the body and up the spine so students words, eyes, overall vibration, prayers, actions and connections all become SHAKTIFIED! This practice is powerful, fun, enlivening, intoxicating, addicting, liberating, graceful and it is for EVERYONE!

BODY flow / Vinyasa Yoga + Grace

A VINYASA YOGA class at its core.  This is perfect for the student who enjoys using rockin music to flow breath to movement through creative sequences, postures and transitions.  The class will strengthen, tone, lengthen and awaken the full body as students work on feeling grace in their flow use momentum to create strength.  This class is dynamic and you can expect to be physically challenged while working to soften, relax and surrender to the movement and the discovery of what happens when you participate fully, all in!

BODY open / Hatha Yoga + Breath

A HATHA YOGA class at its core.  This is the perfect class for the beginner student who wants to challenge him/herself and OPEN or TURN ON the body.  The postures and sequencing are simple and basic, but the class will build strength and teach alignment.
This practice gives students the foundation needed to feel successful in their practice  while still physically challenging participants through longer holds of poses, intentional transitions, and simple, artful flows with focus.

BODY strong / HIIT + Power

Naturally we strongly recommend making time to attend the entire class from start to finish, but we also understand life happens and we encourage you to come no matter what - some yoga is better than no yoga. You are welcome to enter and exit any time. Please respect your fellow students by quietly entering or exiting. If you can, give the studio a call so we can put a mat down for you to make the transition as seamless as possible. 

BODY strong / HIIT + Power

The BODYstrong is a high-cardio yoga and HIIT based full-body workout with roots in vinyasa yoga, plyometrics, HIIT, ice-climbers, kick-boxing, capoeira, martial arts, and resistance training.
Combining music and physical movement to strengthen, challenge, and wake up the body, this class guides students through familiar fitness sequences and encourages them to flow through the postures as well as to use deep breathing to help hold and sustain long repetition. This class is dynamic and students can expect to be physically and mentally challenged while having fun. We encourage you to TRUST, explore and get out of your comfort zone!

BODY still / Meditation + Preparation

This is a practice that at it’s core is all about HOW we are with ourselves. The meditation technique we use will help us cultivate discipline, surrender, and a heightened awareness which helps us perform optimally in the world. AND…. what comes up and how we are with ourselves as we practice this technique is equally important; and the real juice of the practice! Can we acknowledge, accept, hold space for, be neutral and compassionate towards the stream of life that flows through us as we practice? That’s our practice. Come find out for yourself.

BODY restore / Rest + Reset

A gentle movement based restorative yoga class at its core.  This class begins with gentle movement to warm the body which sets the stage for deep stretching, elongation, and a release of tension or stiffness, then layers in some stretching and restorative postures and finishes with time for some yin yoga and a deep shavasana. This practice is gentle, luxurious and restorative designed for the beginner yogi or the student looking for deep relaxation. This class is intended to balance out the stronger more intense practices and parts of life, leaving participants with a sense of harmony, ease and relaxation all throughout the body and nervous system.

BODY whole / Aligned + Intentional

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ASPEN MOUNTAIN TOP / Yoga with a view

Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit with al all levels yoga class atop Aspen Mountain, led by one of the renowned instructors from Aspen Shakti, Aspen's Institute for FULLY ALIVE living.

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