Anafer Barrera, MPH, RDN

250 | INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS (65 minutes)

1500 | 10-Pack of 50 minute virtual sessions

1700 | 10-Pack of 65 minute virtual sessions

2500 | 10-Pack of 80 minute in-person sessions

*All prepaid packages are good for 2 years

Intuitive Eating Dietitian + Counselor

Where are you now in your health journey?

  • Were you recently diagnosed with a diet-related health condition?
  • Did you just read a mind-boggling book, or watch a fear-mongering documentary about the effects of food that led you to overhaul your entire kitchen?
  • Maybe things are just calming down after a life transition and you’re feeling motivated to “get back on track”?
  • Or maybe you’re finally, after decades of trying diet after diet, sick of the contradictory nutrition advice out there that leaves you stuck between a rock and a hard place.

This work is for you if you have tried working with a traditional dietitian before, and the traditional advice failed you. It’s also for you if you’ve been spending decades doing your own nutrition learning and are ready to take it from the books, or the apps, to YOUR body. With Anafer's approach, we combine nutrition education, experimentation, and personal experience to find your optimal “diet”. When you learn how to eat, instead of blindly following the do’s and don’ts of diet culture’s ever-evolving rule book, you optimize your nutrition.

In nutrition counseling, you will put everything you’ve ever learned about health to the test. Literally. Like a scientist who has a theory but needs to test it against the null, you’ll have opportunities to experiment on your own beliefs about food such as “gluten makes me bloated” or “sugar makes me gain weight”. Why do we test these together? Firstly because beliefs are powerful and our perceived impacts of food can actually cause the foods to have the negative effect we’re anticipating, secondly because parting from false beliefs about food can actually be very emotional. We organize foods into “good” and “bad” to give us a roadmap of how to live a healthy life, so undoing this roadmap can be confusing and scary!

The process of nutrition therapy involves unlearning and re-learning. First we discuss the present frustrations or concerns regarding your body or health. We do this without judgement. Next, we reflect on past attempts to control similar concerns, through a compassionate and therapeutic approach, weighing the pros and cons of our efforts in order to learn from our experience. Finally we explore the latest nutrition theories and test them against our lived experience and our values. This could be as general as "to have breakfast or not to have breakfast", "to drink or to be abstinent", to specifics such as what percentage of energy should come from carbohydrate for optimal energy, or how much meat, if any, to eat for optimal health.

If you're looking to feel genuinely confident in your body, with full freedom and peace around food, an intuitive approach to eating is for you! Schedule a COMPLIMENTARY 30 minute introductory session with Anafer

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