Fabrizio LeNoir

2 Hour - $400 in-home

90 Minute - $330 at aspen shakti studio

75 Minute - $300 at aspen shakti studio

Fabrizio LeNoir, Certified Thai Bodywork Therapist at The LightSpace Pilates Studio in Chicago. Fabrizio is a well informed therapist and connects with each client's unique operating system. He achieves results that you can feel right away by addressing the root of the problem. Fabrizio LeNoir has 10 years experience in Thai Bodywork/ Massage and 20+ years of experience in Southeast Asian Martial Arts Healing and Hatha Yoga - he will help you find pathways to relieve your stress & pain that will leave you feeling: lighter, more energized & restored, with better range of motion and more access to the power you know you are capable of.

All with using Traditional Thai Massage, practical Yogic breathing method and Southeast Asian Martial Arts Healing component.

  • Pain & stress
  • Arthritis Symptoms
  • Low Energy, Strength or Mobility
  • Chronic or Acute
  • Removing energetic blockages

You feel results right away - Remarkable changes in a couple of sessions

He gets you moving in a short time using a multidisciplinary therapy that removes blockages that restrict movement and energy.

You feel lighter and freed up to get back in whatever game that moves you.

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