Nancy Pickard

12 Weeks, 1hr Coaching Sessions

$3700 Marriage & Life Coaching (couples coaching)

$3300 Boundary Coaching (individual coaching)

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Splitting my time among Colorado, California, and the East Coast, I am a certified Master Integrative Life Coach, Relational Life Therapy Coach, Boundary Coach and Shadow Coach. With sixteen years of experience as the owner and founder of a personal training gym, I possess the knowledge and dedication required to help people achieve significant goals. My journey to becoming a coach was a natural evolution, rooted in my educational background with a BS in Psychology and an MS in Education, as well as multiple personal training certifications. Furthermore, I served as a senior mentor and head of mentor training at the Ford Institute and Levine Life Coach Academy. I am the author of the international best-selling book: Bigger Better Braver; Conquer your Fears, Embrace your Courage and Transform your Life. Living by example, I embarked on solo travels in Thailand and Vietnam in 2017 and conquered Kilimanjaro at the age of 61, demonstrating my unwavering commitment to inspiring others to overcome fear and embrace greater versions of themselves through coaching. For a long time, I believed I led the life I had envisioned for myself, basking in the societal expectations of the twin roles of wife and mother. It was how I defined myself. My life unraveled, however, when my marriage ended after twenty-four years, casting me adrift in confusion about my lost identity. In an attempt to fix myself, I pursued new relationships, but found myself clinging to old patterns and an ill-fitting blueprint for how to live. Coaching freed me to explore who I was and could be. I prioritized my desires, set important boundaries, gained emotional awareness, and grew into a woman who chose and defined herself. You can do the same if you discover and understand the limiting beliefs that hold you back in your current situation.

Marriage and Life Coaching:

I specialize in guiding couples who find themselves trapped in the cycle of disconnection. Despite your commitment to each other and success in other areas of your life, your relationship has become a source of despair. You may have tried couples therapy in the past, but it left you feeling hopeless, stuck, and even more disconnected. When you first come to me, you’ve been locked in years of conflict over surface-level issues. This perpetual cycle has deepened the chasm between you, leaving you at the mercy of your rawest emotions and reactions. You either avoid important issues or explode in heated arguments. Whether it’s infidelity, a lack of intimacy, communication breakdowns, anger, or parenting disputes, your relationship has become a wellspring of turmoil instead of the authenticity, closeness, and growth you crave.

Here’s the truth: You deserve an intimate, connected, and profoundly loving relationship. You deserve to heal the wounds that stand in the way of true connection, and I’m here to guide you on that journey.

The relationship you yearn for is within reach. We all encounter times in our lives when we need a helping hand to reignite the spark and connection in our relationships. If this is where you find yourself right now, don’t hesitate to reach out. I can be that guiding light, helping you both rediscover the love you truly deserve.

Boundary Coaching:

Are you a people-pleaser who often finds it challenging to put yourself first, struggles to identify your own desires, and feels guilty about prioritizing your needs? If you've been longing to be heard, valued, and acknowledged, this coaching is designed for you. Imagine a life where you never say yes when you mean no, where you confidently conquer codependency, establish healthy boundaries in every aspect of your life, and make self-care a priority. With my guidance, you'll overcome the fear of speaking your truth, and you'll quickly discover how empowering it is to set and maintain these boundaries. As a result, you'll experience more joy, excitement, and self-love.

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