Gretchen Bleiler

Gretchen’s 4 session series takes you through the foundational Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology that have changed and transformed her life forever!  In these sessions you will learn what “a learning orientation to life” really means, practice attuning to the wisdom of your heart, work processes for feeling and releasing out-of-balance feelings and emotions, powerful intention setting, learning to dissolve the self made limitations that block you from your fullest potential and the truth of what you are, discernment between the voice of the ego and the voice of love, using inspiration as a portal to purpose, and learning to make self-honoring choices that are in harmony with your soul’s purpose and destiny.  

$350 | Single Session

$1250 | 4 Session Series

BIO:Gretchen Bleiler is a two-time Olympic Snowboarder and Olympic silver medalist, 4-time X Games champion, and ESPY award winner. She’s been inducted into multiple Hall of Fames, designed her own signature product lines, and has been featured in everything from prime time talk shows and national commercials to hundreds of publications worldwide. Having the courage to pursue her childhood dream of becoming an Olympian set Bleiler on a journey of healing, transformation and empowerment. As she faced her fears and dissolved the limiting beliefs blocking her full potential, she was able to step more fully into sharing her gifts. And as she did this her opportunities amplified from the mountain to becoming a recognizable global ambassador, designer, outspoken environmental advocate, entrepreneur, speaker, media host, and now a certified meditation guide (Chopra Center) and performance coach (University of Santa Monica). Despite her successes and accomplishments, Bleiler has failed far more than she has succeeded. From traumatic brain injuries to business ventures, bright lights have been preceded by bleak moments. Neither extreme lasted. Through it all Bleiler has learned that WHY and HOW we accomplish any dream or goal is equally important to accomplishing it.

If you’re ready to experience radical paradigm shifts resulting in healing, growth, empowerment, and the upliftment of your consciousness and life, then you’re ready to work with Gretchen!  Through the peaks and valleys, Gretchen has always chosen a learning orientation to life, open to perspectives beyond this physical world reality.  Whether you want assistance in courageously stepping forward into your dreams, goals and fullest potential in this lifetime or would like help navigating life’s darker and more challenging experiences, Gretchen can offer first-hand experiences, framework, principles and practices to be your ally and guide on your soul's journey.

A single session with Gretchen includes discussion, clarification, and practical work with qualities and affirmations to empower you in living more fully into your heartfelt intentions.  This will be followed by a personalized breathwork and meditation practice to integrate your work and begin living into this reality.

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